About the Triad Approach

Triad Family Services enjoys collaborative relationships with both County and State agencies. Counties have set measurable standards for foster family agencies, and Triad has consistently met and exceeded these standards. Triad staff have developed positive relationships with County placement workers to maximize placement opportunities. Triad also employs two “placement specialists” to ensure appropriate matches are made between children and families on a 24 hour basis.

Working with Families

To ensure stabilization of each child’s placement, Triad works closely with families to address the challenges inherent in fostering a troubled child. This is accomplished by matching foster children with compatible foster parents, streamlining foster care placement, providing intensive social work and care management services, accessing group and family counseling for foster children and foster families, and effectively training foster parents to provide specialized therapeutic foster care. It is the agency’s primary responsibility to give children in foster care the greatest chance at healthy development by providing caregivers with the resources they need to play a healing role in the lives of the children in their care.
Three generation family dining in garden

Triad maintains a staff that is both highly qualified and personally committed to the well being of foster children. The agency’s social workers have earned Master’s degrees in the fields of Behavioral Sciences or Social Work and have previous experience in these fields.

Triad Family Services is dedicated to providing outstanding care for the children that are referred to the agency. Responding to the ever-increasing scope and complexity of their needs and the needs of the families who care for them, Triad continuously strives to stay abreast of best practices research to improve program services, provide competent compassionate support, and seek innovative ways to serve foster children.