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Actress Viola Davis is Writing a Childrens Book
Viola Davis is writing a sequel to children's book, Corduroy Actress, Viola Davis, known for Hollywood roles in blockbusters such as The Help and Fences is teaming up with Viking Children’s Books to write a sequel to the book Corduroy. Corduroy is a teddy bear who gets to go to a home after being displayed on a department store shelf his whole life. In Viola's sequel, Corduroy, goes to the theater. Learn why Viola Davis thinks children's literature is so important,

What books are your children reading? Let us know in the Comments section. 

"Viola Davis Is Writing A Sequel To Classic Picture Book "Corduroy"
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This is interesting, good to know that Actress Viola Davis is writing a childrens book also for the great diplomas. Viola Davis, known for Hollywood roles in blockbusters such as The Help and Fences, knowing she wrote the book, really impressed me.
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