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Lawmakers Pass Family First Act Prevention Services Act Despite Concerns
Family First ActFor the first time since the establishment of the Title IV-E entitlement in 1980, significant changes are on the horizon regarding the structure of federal child welfare finance. The Family First Act Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) amends the IV-E entitlement, providing more federal resources to help families in crisis stay together. Packed into the bill is a clause that limits federal funds for placing foster youth into group homes. The child welfare community in California is less than thrilled:

“Despite some modest changes to the current version of Families First, CWDA [County Welfare Directors Association of California] remains opposed to its passage in this form and through this last-minute process,” said CWDA Deputy Executive Director Cathy Senderling-McDonald in an email statement to The Chronicle of Social Change. “The bill continues to have substantive problems that have not been fully addressed by this version.”

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A Complete Guide to the Family First Prevention Services Act

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