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Refusing to Hear Same-Sex Adoption Cases is Against the Law
AdoptionLGBT Americans are entitled to the same rights as everyone else; unfortunately, not everyone shares that sentiment. Remember when Kim Davis was held in contempt for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples? Well, there is another civil servant who has garnered the public’s ire; Kentucky family court Judge W. Mitchell Nance said there would be ‘no circumstance’ in which ‘the best interest of the child’ would be ‘promoted by the adoption by a practicing homosexual.’ The Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission disagreed, voting unanimously that Judge Nance was guilty of judicial misconduct for refusing to hear same-sex adoption cases.
“The Kentucky code of Judicial Conduct requires Judges to fairly and impartially decide cases according to the law,” the Judicial Conduct Commission wrote in their reprimand, made public earlier this week. “Judge Nance’s refusal to hear and decide adoption cases involving homosexuals is violative of said Canons.”

If you are a same-sex couple considering adoption, please contact Triad Family Services.

Farewell to the Kentucky Judge Who Wouldn’t Hear LGBT Adoption Cases"
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