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The First Single Man in California to Adopt a Child
AdoptOn Feb. 13, 1969, Bill Jones, a gay man living in San Francisco, became the first single man in California to adopt a child by himself. It’s also quite likely that Jones was the first in the country to adopt a child under such circumstances. When he was navigating through the process, the social worker who assisted Jones told him never to mention the fact of his homosexuality. Jones is currently working on completing his memoir of those events.
“In the middle of the interview, she just looked up at the ceiling,” said Jones, 89, of San Rafael. “She said, ‘You know, I personally think homosexuals would make very good parents.’”

If you are a single man who is thinking about adoption, please contact Triad Family Services.

Marin pioneer in gay adoption writes memoir"
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When asked last month about FIFA's plans at an IOC news conference, Bach suggested ''contributions of the continental associations'' ― such as UEFA and CONMEBOL ― were making the issues clear.
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FIFA has not set a formal date for a decision on its World Cup proposal, though has suggested a meeting of its 211 national members could be held in December. (AP)
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Nagoya and Pohang finished first and second in Group G to qualify for the knockouts. Nagoya won their first meeting 3-0 in June, and the two played to a 1-1 draw the following month.
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Pohang boast three AFC titles but none since 2009. They're playing in the quarterfinals for the first time in seven years. (Yonhap)
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This was the third tournament of the 2021-2022 PGA Tour season. Im has jumped from a tie for 59th to second on the FedEx Cup rankings with 524 points, 27 back of the leader, Sam Burns.
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The top 125 players in the points after the regular season next August will qualify for the three-event playoffs. (Yonhap)
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The K League added that contact tracing for the rest of Gangwon FC has not yet taken place but it was "possible that many players have been in close contact with their infected teammate."

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The league has not yet determined when the match will be made up.

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A South Korean professional football match scheduled for Saturday has been postponed after a player tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

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Robert Neff has authored and co-authored several books including, Letters from Joseon, Korea Through Western Eyes and Brief Encounters.
Posted by 먹튀사이트 on 09/05/2021 04:41PM
President Moon unlikely to veto 'fake news' bill
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There is, however, one part of the story that is missing: what punishment did Thomas receive for not complying with a summons to appear at the British consulate and his failure to pay his debts? Unfortunately we don't know. Perhaps the severe beating he had received by the Korean police was considered punishment enough or, if he did receive further punishment, it has simply been lost with the passage of time.
Posted by 토토사이트추천 on 09/05/2021 04:40PM
Jeong, who had testified extensively at the trial in Incheon, was found innocent of the charges and was subsequently released. As for Lee and Park ― who claimed to be victims of injustice ― Governor Kim commanded that they receive "a further severe bambooing." Once their sentences to the cangue were complete they were to be dismissed.
Posted by 검증놀이터 on 09/05/2021 04:39PM

Consul-General Aston wrote that the "severe bambooing" was "a sentence which appears to me to satisfy justice." His superior, Sir Harry Parkes, the British minister to Korea, was also quite pleased with the results and complimented the Korean authorities for resolving the issue in "good faith." He also commended Aston for his role in seeking justice for the "ill-treated" Thomas and especially praised Scott for providing "his interesting report of the procedure of the Court of the Prefect of [Incheon]."
Posted by 먹튀검증 on 09/05/2021 04:39PM
Lee Bang-seok was adamant that he was innocent and being "very hardly used." He claimed he never had a stick so it was impossible for him to have struck Thomas. He further suggested that the bruises the Englishman had received were the result of falling down.
Posted by 스포츠토토사이트 on 09/05/2021 04:38PM

Park Gwi-han testified: "I was driving some oxen home when the constables asked me to help them, so I hit him [Thomas] on the arm twice with my ox-whip. I did no further wrong to him than that."
Posted by 메이저놀이터 on 09/05/2021 04:37PM

On Oct. 31, Governor Kim sent a report of his own investigation into the matter to Consul-General Aston. This included the testimony of the accused.
Posted by 사설토토 on 09/05/2021 04:22PM

There was, however, no doubt that the police had severely mistreated Thomas and would need to be punished. Both Scott and Hong agreed that, considering the incident had become a diplomatic issue, the matter of punishment should be decided by Kim Hong-jip, the governor of Gyeonggi Province.
Posted by 토토검증 on 09/05/2021 04:15PM

Having heard the evidence, the prefect turned to Scott and, "in palliation of the conduct of the police," explained that when they were given the arrest warrant they were fully aware that if they failed to return with Thomas they were subject to being punished ― a severe flogging. Hong suggested the police were truly "apprehensive, as they declared, of Thomas effecting his escape," and for this reason they had tied his hands behind his back.
Posted by 카지노사이트 on 09/05/2021 04:14PM

Thomas admitted Lee had given him water and wiped his face but insisted Lee had taken part in the beating. When asked why he would accept water and minor kindnesses from his attacker, Thomas explained that have been so severely beaten and with "his hands so firmly tied behind his back, he could not help himself, and that under the circumstances he was glad to appeal to anyone for assistance."
Posted by 토토커뮤니티 on 09/05/2021 04:03PM
Thomas was asked to look closely at the three prisoners and identify which ― if any ― had taken part in the assault. The prisoners, "who hitherto had remained kneeling with their faces towards the ground, were now ordered to look up." Thomas verified that each of the men had been present but Jeong had never struck him. This was too much for Lee. He claimed he never struck the Englishman and had treated him with kindness ― gave him water to drink and even "wiped the perspiration from his forehead."
Posted by 안전놀이터 on 09/05/2021 04:02PM

The Englishman's injuries were then examined by the prefect. Although the beating had occurred almost a month earlier, the bruises and swelling were still very much evident and the prefect professed "extreme regret" and "assured [Thomas] of his sympathy under the sufferings which he must have undergone" both during the beating and the subsequent painful walk to Namyang. "He was truly sorry for the whole affair, and hoped that Thomas would soon recover from his wounds."
Posted by 먹튀검증커뮤니티 on 09/05/2021 03:45PM

Thomas, accompanied by the British consulate's constable (Leonard A. Hopkins), was the next to appear before the court. He presented his side of the story and claimed that "he had never threatened, either in language or manner, any of the police."
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